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(Last updated April 21, 2016)


ARIAS•U.S. Bylaws Change - Results are in!
Thank you to all ARIAS members who participated in the most recent call to vote. More than two thirds of the membership voted in favor of changing the Bylaws to allow for two additional members to join the ARIAS Board of Directors. More details will follow in the coming months from the Nominating Committee!.

2016 ARIAS·U.S. Spring Conference a Huge Success!
Conference Co-Chairs Deirdre Johnson, Ann Field and Dennis Kerrigan put together a fantastic agenda for the 2016 Spring Conference around the theme of staying relevant in a changing world. Drones, self-driving cars and cyber liability were just a few of the highlights that made this conference so engaging. Lively ethics breakout discussions, the use of a live polling app in the general session and the Lt. General from the Army Cyber Command as the keynote speaker rounded out the conference experience and had the attendees looking forward to reconvening in the Fall in New York. The sun was out the entire week as attendees ate, drank, golfed, played tennis, sat on the beach or ran a few miles during the inaugural fun run. Looking forward to more fun, sun and networking when we gather again next spring at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida!

ARIAS•U.S. 2016 First Quarterly Issue, Now Available!
Shakespeare wrote of it. So did Freud. Time and time again, it’s been the subject of scholars in many disciplines. What’s more, everyone has one, including arbitrators. I’m talking about the subconscious.

In this edition of the ARIAS Quarterly, we begin by exploring the role of the subconscious in decision making with two articles which have definite implications for arbitrators and arbitrations. The first, by Richard Waterman, suggests a broad framework for making decisions free of unconscious biases. The second, by Chuck Ehrlich, drills down to examine some of the behavioral research showing how the subconscious affects decision making in specific situations. He also offers recommendations for taming what he calls “The Ungoverned Brain.”

• A Prototype for a NextGeneration Arbitration Clause
• Improving Arbitration by Borrowing from Recent Amendments
• To Be or Not to Be… Neutral

CLICK HERE! to access the 2016 First Quarterly Issue

ARIAS•U.S. Quarterly – Call for Article Submissions
ARIAS welcomes articles written by its members addressing issues in the field of insurance and reinsurance arbitration and dispute resolution. The page limit for submissions is 5 single-spaced or 10 double-spaced pages. If you’re interested in penning an article or have suggestions for topics for articles you’d like to see, please contact Tom Stillman at

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