Submit a Proposal for the 2019 ARIAS-U.S. Fall Conference

DEADLINE NOW EXTENDED: Submit your proposals by Wednesday, June 12th!

For questions or comments, contact Lauren Harley at ARIAS·U.S. at or 703.260.7515

Download the application as a Word Document or PDF.

ARIAS·U.S. is seeking dynamic, relevant, and interesting content for the 2019 Fall Conference to be held October 3-4 at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The planning committee is seeking submissions for 45 to 60 minute interactive presentations in a General or Breakout session format.  Please consider the list of suggestions when submitting:

Guidelines for Submission

  • Proposals may be submitted for targeted member audiences (i.e. Arbitrators/Umpires, Company Representatives, and Counsel).
  • Presentations will be considered based on quality of topic, introduction of new and innovative concepts, importance of the subject-matter to insurance/reinsurance arbitration, and appeal to the target audience(s).
  • The lead presenter organizes the presentation and is responsible for submitting the proposal application, organizing the group session, moderating the session and leading the discussion.
  • This request for proposals is open to all ARIAS·U.S. members and non-members. Interested parties may submit more than one proposal at a time.
  • ARIAS·U.S. may request a submission be revised to better fit the conference agenda or combined with another presentation where appropriate.
  • Submissions accepted must agree to adhere to a timeline provided by ARIAS·U.S. to submit conference materials, including PowerPoint presentations, and supplementary materials in advance of the conference.
  • All individuals accepted to present in any of the presentation types must be registered by the presenter registration deadline. Please note: no registration or payment is necessary to submit a proposal. Only those accepted will be required to register.
  • Speakers are responsible for their own travel, room, board, incidental, and registration costs.

Suggested Topics

General Session Thought Starters:

  • If you had a crystal ball, what changes do you foresee happening in the insurance industry over the next 10 years and how will these changes impact the resolution of insurance and reinsurance disputes?
  • How will the industry generally and ARIAS in particular engage the next generation of professionals?
  • Do you have experience arbitrating non-reinsurance disputes (i.e., policyholder/agency/ captive/Bermuda Form)? If so, share how ARIAS can play a more active role in these types of disputes with conference attendees.
  • Do you have experience arbitrating life or health reinsurance disputes? What are the current dispute issues and trends in this space?
  • Are there particular recurring substantive or procedural issues in insurance or reinsurance disputes that would benefit from discussion?

Breakout Session Possible Tracks:

  • Skill Development
    • Public speaking
    • Marketing
    • Networking
    • Arbitration hearings
  • Mediation of reinsurance and policyholder disputes
  • What does arbitration look like in the next 25 years for insurance and reinsurance?

Proposal Timeline

Proposal Submission Opens:                         May 21, 2019

Proposal Submission Closes:                         NOW EXTENDEDJune 12, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. ET

Submission Status Notification:                   June 24, 2019

Speaker Confirmation Deadline:                  June 26, 2019

Proposals must be submitted using the application form as a Word Document or PDF electronically by 5:00 pm ET on June 12, 2019 to Lauren Harley at