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Improving Arbitration

ARIAS•U.S. is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes improvement of the insurance and reinsurance arbitration process for the international and domestic markets.

The navigation menus above will allow you to learn more about ARIAS•U.S. and its programs to improve insurance and reinsurance arbitration. They will also enable you to perform the following tasks:

Anyone wishing to become more involved with reinsurance arbitration is invited to apply for membership. Current members who qualify are invited to apply for certification. All of the information and forms are easily accessible here, within the website.

The profiles of ARIAS•U.S. Certified Arbitrators provide basic credentials, work experience, and contact information. Also indicated is the nature and extent of their past involvement in insurance, reinsurance and arbitrations. Those who are also ARIAS•U.S. Certified Umpires are listed on the ARIAS•U.S. Certified Umpire List. Those who are also ARIAS•U.S. Qualified Mediators are listed on the ARIAS•U.S. Qualified Mediator List.

If you are interested in finding arbitrators, umpires, or mediators with specific areas of expertise or who have been involved with insurance or reinsurance in certain industries, the search system accessed through Arbitrator, Umpire, and Mediator Search will provide a list of names based on the keywords you select. Each name on the list will link to that person's biographical profile.