Online Ethics Course


Welcome to the ARIAS•U.S. Online Ethics course focused on ethical issues within the practice of reinsurance arbitration. The course will help you analyze ethical issues within the practice of reinsurance arbitration and guide you through alternatives for analyzing and deciding sometimes complex dilemmas, and resolving them in the most fair and responsible manner. ARIAS•U.S. requires that all parties to the process conduct themselves at the highest level of honesty and fairness, and that the arbitrators, in particular, exercise impartial, sound judgment and conduct themselves with complete integrity.

Before beginning the course, you should refresh yourself on the details of the ARIAS•U.S. Code of Conduct. This “Code of Conduct” will be referenced as you proceed through the course.

Course Information

The course will require approximately 45 minutes to complete, though there is no time limit. The course must be completed with a minimum score of 100% (15 out of 15) in order to receive your certificate of completion and you will not be allowed to use the back button. You may retake the course as many times as needed for successful completion. Remember that accuracy of understanding is more important than speed. Upon completing and passing the course, a certificate of completion will be administered.

You must complete the course in one sitting. If you do not complete the course and close out of it, the course will be discontinued and you must start from the beginning when you return to take the course. The system will recognize that you have paid, but will require that you start from the beginning.

Course Fee and Registration

The fee for this course is $258Click here to register for the course.

Accessing the Course After Payment

Upon completion of payment, you will receive an email with a direct link and further instructions to access the course. If you do not receive an email, log into your account at Then, under My Credit, you will see a link to access the 2016 Ethics Course.

For any questions or concerns about this information, please contact or 703-574-4087.