Practical Guide

For arbitration to remain effective to resolve industry disputes, parties, their counsel, and Panel members must be familiar with arbitration procedure.

ARIAS•U.S. has created this Practical Guide to Reinsurance Arbitration Procedure (2018 Revised Edition), an update of its 2004 Guide, as a reference for arbitrators, insurance and reinsurance professionals, and attorneys involved in reinsurance arbitrations. The Guide draws principally from the experience and expertise of the ARIAS•U.S. membership and offers sample forms and practices for use in reinsurance arbitrations. The purpose of this Guide is to promote fairness, effectiveness, and efficiency in reinsurance arbitrations, i.e. the integrity of the process.

The practices in this Guide are not intended to supersede any expressed contractual agreements between the parties. To resolve questions about arbitration practice or procedure, one must always consult the arbitration clause in the parties’ agreement first. This Guide is intended to provide a reference when (a) as often occurs, the arbitration clause provides little or no express or specific guidance to the arbitration’s governing procedures, or (b) the parties wish to enhance or improve those procedures by mutual agreement. Of course, all arbitration practices and procedures are subject to and must be considered in light of any applicable law.

Practical Guide to Reinsurance Arbitration Procedures (2018 Edition)
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