DEADLINE EXTENDED | 2022 Spring Conference – Request for Proposals

Spring Conference Details: May 11-13, 2022 | The Ritz-Carlton – Amelia Island, Florida

NEW Proposal Submission Deadline: February 2, 2022

For questions or comments, contact Jonathan Gilad at ARIAS·U.S. at or 571-989-4173.

Download the submission instructions as a PDF here. Please click here to submit a proposal!


The Conference Co-Chairs for the ARIAS•U.S. 2022 Spring Conference are soliciting dynamic, interesting, and relevant presentation proposals from our membership. Presentations should focus upon substantive arbitration, reinsurance and insurance matters with significant relevance and interest to companies, law firms, arbitrators, and industry professionals. Submissions may include topics aligned with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We invite submissions that explore specific challenges and issues in-depth. Please review the guidelines of this RFP process before proceeding.


Submissions should be engaging, well organized, and provides actionable activities. Possible formats include:

  • Industry Talks (1-3 Speakers • 60 mins) – An informal sixty-minute presentation highlighting key insights and industry trends, including an audience Q&A.
  • Debates (2-4 Speakers • 60 mins) – A constructive moderated discussion between opposing viewpoints, followed by audience Q&A.
  • General Conversations (1-2 Speakers • 60 mins) – A speaker(s)- led informal and open conversation with attendees around a particular topic.
  • Case Studies (1-3 Speakers • 60 mins) – An opportunity for individuals or organizations to present their research and analyses of projects, policies, institutions, or other systems followed by an audience Q&A.
  • Workshops (1-3 Speakers • 60 mins) – An in-depth, instructional program with hands-on learning and specific takeaways.
  • ARI Talk (1 Speaker 18 mins) – One main topic idea limited to 15-18 mins. Provide attendees with

       discussion topics for post-presentation.

  • Optional Presentation Format – Do you have another idea to share? We encourage creativity, so share your ideas with us.


General and Breakout Session Thought Starters

As food for thought – but not to limit your creativity – here are possible topics to consider:

  • Current and emerging risks, including but not limited to:
    • Sexual Abuse & Molestation
    • Opioid
    • PFA
  • Legal Developments in Insurance, Reinsurance, or Arbitration
  • Industry Issues, including but not limited to:
    • How will companies face the post-pandemic world?
    • How has the pandemic changed claim-handling? Underwriting?
    • How are companies addressing new expectations for diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Why are companies still arbitrating the meaning of ‘event’?
  • What does ‘utmost good faith’ mean in 2022?
  • Innovations in contract wording
  • Do contracts matter to arbitrators when resolving disputes and, if so, how and to what extent?
  • How are courts viewing arbitration?
  • Live vs. Zoom hearings:
    • Good faith and fundamental fairness
    • Advantages/disadvantages


  • Please consider the diversity of the proposed presenters.
  • Proposals may be submitted for a targeted audience (e.g., Arbitrators/Umpires, Company Representatives, and Lawyers).
  • Presentations will be considered based on quality of topic, introduction of new and innovative concepts, importance of the subject-matter to insurance/reinsurance arbitration, and appeal to the target audience(s).
  • The lead presenter will be responsible for organizing the presentation and for submitting the proposal application, organizing the group session, and moderating the discussion.
  • This RFP is open to subject-matter experts. Those interested may submit more than one proposal.
  • Speakers accepted must agree to adhere to a timeline provided by ARIAS•U.S. to submit conference materials, including PowerPoint presentations, and supplementary materials in advance of the conference.
  • Speakers are responsible for their own travel, hotel room, incidentals, and registration costs.
  • The NEW deadline to submit is February 2, 2022.

Download the submission instructions as a PDF here. Please click here to submit a proposal!

If you would like to submit your proposal as a PDF, please use this form.