David Bradford
Personal Information
  • Address:
    40W060 Jack London Street
    Saint Charles, Illinois 60175
    United States
  • Phone:
    (630) 632-8872
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  • Education:
    University of Illinois Chicago Law School - J.D. 1997 Luther College - B.A. 1993
  • Additional Information:
    I have practiced law in the reinsurance/insurance industry for over 25 years. The first 9 years included representation of carriers and reinsurers while in private practice. Since 2006, I have been employed with Zurich North America. At Zurich, I have worked on complex reinsurance claims and managed reinsurance arbitration and litigation. Additional responsibilities have included negotiation of and drafting various reinsurance agreements such as treaties, facultative certificates, loss portfolio transfers and captive reinsurance agreements. Further responsibilities at Zurich have involved frequent engagement with state regulators tackling various regulatory issues.
  • Certified Arbitrator:
  • Certified Umpire:
Work Experience
Current director of an insurance or reinsurance company: No
Former director of an insurance or reinsurance company: No
Current officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes
Former officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: No

Insurance Company: Legal Department, Executive Officer (CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Actuary), Ceded Reinsurance Department, Assumed Reinsurance Department

Reinsurance Department: Reinsurance Department, Legal Department, Claim Department

Law Firm Experience: Associate

Breakdown of Experience
Accident & Health: Drafted and negotiated various A&H reinsurance agreements. In addition, I have been involved in multiple claim presentations and several arbitrations involving A&H reinsurance agreements.
Asbestos: I have handled both from a cedent and reinsurer perspective multiple loss presentations for asbestos-related losses. In addition, I have participated as counsel and company representative in connection with reinsurance arbitrations.
Automobile Liability/Property: I have handled multiple reinsurance claims involving auto liability and property matters.
Bad Faith/Eco: I have handled multiple cessions concerning bad faith and ECO of varying degrees of complexity. In addition, my work has involved drafting and negotiation of ECO/XPL provisions in reinsurance agreements.
Captives/Risk Retention Groups: From a claims perspective, I have handled multiple loss presentations under captive reinsurance agreements, both single parent and group captives. Also as company representative I have managed several captive-related reinsurance arbitrations.
Catastrophes (Property): I have dealt with cessions under multiple reinsurance agreements arising from a number of CATs. These cessions have involved a number of disputes with reinsurers requiring analysis and negotiation in order to secure reimbursement.
Commercial Liability: My work regularly requires involvement with commercial liability matters. This includes provision of advice in connection with underlying coverage issues as well as negotiation/drafting of various liability reinsurance agreements.
Commutations: Negotiated and drafted many commutation agreements to resolve various reinsurance relationships with reinsurers.
Contract Wording: For fifteen years, I was responsible for negotiating and drafting a variety of reinsurance agreements including treaties, facultative certificates, loss portfolio transfers and captive reinsurance agreements.
Excess/Surplus Lines: I presently serve as Associate General Counsel for ZNA's Excess & Surplus Business Unit. In this capacity I handle and advise on a variety of matters concerning E&S business.
Financial Guarantee: My Surety and Credit and Political Risk-related work regularly raises financial guarantee issues.
Life: I have negotiated and drafted a number of life reinsurance agreements, both treaty and captive.
By Market
Bermuda/Off- Shore Market: 1-25%
U.K. Market: 1-25%
U.S. Market: 50-75%
Mediation Experience
Minimum Number of Mediations as Counsel: 10
Arbitration Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Arbitrator: 1
Number of Appointments as Arbitrator: 1
Number of Arbitrations as Outside Counsel: 15
Arbitration Experience: As Corporate Representative: During my 17 years at Zurich I have served as corporate representative in a number of reinsurance arbitrations. The disputes have involved various lines of business and varying degrees of exposures.
Umpire Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Umpire: 5
Number of Appointments as Umpire: 5
Completed Arbitrations as Umpire: 1
Zurich North America 2006 - present; Lord, Bissell & Brook 2001 - 2005; Hinshaw & Culbertson 1998 - 2001