Dale Crawford
Personal Information
  • Address:
    85 Dawn Heath Circle
    Littleton, Colorado 80127
    United States
  • Phone:
    (303) 979-3770
  • Email:
  • Attorney:
  • Education:
    Bachelor of Business Administration Master of Business Administration Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter Associate in Reinsurance
  • Designations:
    Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter, Associate In Reinsurance
  • Offering Services as Expert Witness in:
    All forms of property-casualty insurance involving underwriting, claims, and bad faith issues.
  • Certified Arbitrator:
Work Experience
Current director of an insurance or reinsurance company: No
Former director of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes
Current officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: No
Former officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes

Insurance Company: 20 years
Insurance Company: Underwriting Department, Executive Officer (CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Actuary), Ceded Reinsurance Department

Reinsurance Company: 15 years
Reinsurance Department: Underwriting Department

Insurance - related firms: MGA-3 years

Other Work Experience: Broker, Consultant, Independent/Unaffiliated Arbitrator, Umpire and/or Mediator

Breakdown of Experience
Alternative/ Self Insurance/ Risk Management: Underwriting of self-insurance and captive programs while employed in reinsurance
Asbestos: Served as arbitrator and umpire in resolution of claim disputes relating to asbestos
Automobile Liability/Property: Underwriting all types of auto and property-standard, E & S, distressed property
Bad Faith/Eco: Served as expert witness, arbitrator and umpire where bad faith ECO was a major issue on numerous occasions
Captives/Risk Retention Groups: Underwriting of captives in reinsurance; president of National Home Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group
Catastrophes (Property): Underwriting of property catastrophe programs
Commercial Liability: Underwriting in insurance and reinsurance of all types of commercial GL and Auto liability-standard, non-standard, E & S, high-hazard property
Commercial Property: Extensive property underwriting, standard and distressed property ins reinsurance and insurance
Construction Defects: President of National Home-an affiliate of a home warranty insurer-sole product was insurance of builder-issued structural warranties. Construction defect was the major peril.
Contract Wording: Designed and administrated reinsurance contracts-ceded and assumed, as well as MGA contracts in both insurance and reinsurance
Energy: Extensive underwriting experience with production, distribution, operation of energy risks
Environmental/Pollution: Underwriting in reinsurance in 1970's when pollution was emerging as a major hazard. As insurers evolved in the treatment of pollution risks, was involved extensively in contract language development. Have served as arbitrator and umpire on numerous environmental dispute panels.
Excess/Surplus Lines: Underwriting of E & S lines of all types. Wrote numerous MGA contracts
Insolvencies: Extensive underwriting experience with insolvent carriers; have served as arbitrator and umpire where one or more parties were insolvent
International: Served as arbitrator ad umpire in international disputes.
Lloyd's: Underwriting responsibilities with Lloyd's contracts; served on several panels where Lloyds was a party
London Company Market: Underwriting responsibilities with London Market contracts; served on several panels where LM's were a party
MGA/MGU: Worked with MGA''s and MGA programs in reinsurance and insurance-property, casualty, auto and specialty programs for various industries
Personal Lines: Extensive personal lines underwriting experience-standard, E & S in reinsurance and insurance
Product Liability: Extensive underwriting of product liability in reinsurance and insurance throughout career
Product/Consumer Warranties: New home structural warranties were the product at National Home where I served as president.
Professional Liability/Errors &, Omissions: Underwriting of products in insurance and reinsurance; several appointments as arbitrator/umpire where products were a major issue of the dispute
Regulatory/Licensing: Worked with regulatory issues throughout my career
Workers' Compensation: Extensive underwriting in WC-reinsurance and insurance. For 5+ years, was Director of Marketing at Pinnacol Assurance. Helped guide the company from a state fund to competitive private carrier. Worked with underwriting, marketing, reserving, and other functions.
By Market
Bermuda/Off- Shore Market: 1-25%
U.K. Market: 1-25%
U.S. Market: 75-100%
ARIAS Experience
Workshops, As Faculty: Several appearance as panel member and speaker
Arbitration Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Arbitrator: 19
Number of Appointments as Arbitrator: 19
Completed Arbitrations as Arbitrator: 8
Umpire Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Umpire: 21
Number of Appointments as Umpire: 21
Completed Arbitrations as Umpire: 7
Thirty-five years industry employment in underwriting, claims management and senior management. Fifteen years as North American Reinsurance (Swiss Re America) and Bellefonte Re Insurance. President of National Home Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group