ARIAS Introduces Enhanced Membership Fee Program for 2024

ARIAS·U.S. Launches Enhanced Membership Fee Program for 2024

As announced at the ARIAS Fall Conference, the ARIAS Board of Directors has approved the implementation of a new enhanced membership fee program on a one-year test basis for 2024. The program works as follows: Membership dues rates for all corporate memberships (Actuarial Firms, Consulting Firms, Law Firms, and Insurance and Reinsurance Companies) will increase by $500. This increase entitles all corporate members to send up to 10 people to each educational event during 2024 at no additional cost (this does NOT include the Spring and Fall Conferences) with the understanding that any ancillary costs, such as lunch, room fees, snacks, etc. are paid by attendees unless sponsored. These events include all programs offered by the ARIAS Education Committee such as webinars, seminars, and workshops.  Similarly, on a trial basis, Certified Arbitrators will pay only $100 for each educational event during 2024. In recognition of the financial commitment that Certified Arbitrators already make, the individual membership fee will remain the same.

ARIAS has fantastic educational programming throughout the year, and the Board wants to ensure that the membership can fully experience it with this flat fee model while facilitating and increasing attendance for both corporate representatives and Certified Arbitrators.

If you are an employee of a Corporate Member (Consulting Firm, Law Firm, Insurance or Reinsurance Company) or if you are a Certified Arbitrator, please use the appropriate discount code when registering to receive your Enhanced Membership Program benefits. If you need the discount code, please contact

If you have any questions about the Enhanced Membership Fee Program for 2024, please contact any Board member or Larry Schiffer.