ARIAS•U.S. Panel Selection Procedures

ARIAS•U.S. offers various methods for appointing a panel for use in insurance or reinsurance arbitrations. Select the process below that best fits your needs.

Arbitrator Search and Selection

Users of the system can search among our Certified Arbitrators on the basis of their location, name, current company and a number of aspects of their past experience. To search, use the filters on the side bar or search by name.  Click the Online Arbitrator Search System to access the search system.

Neutral Selection Procedure

The objective of this Procedure is to provide for the neutral selection of an arbitration panel that will minimize the level of perceived bias inherent in utilizing party-appointed arbitrators. The Procedure is not intended, and certainly cannot be guaranteed, to produce panel members with “neutral” mind sets. For more details about the process, click the Neutral Selection Procedure.

Umpire Selection Procedure

Under the Procedure, umpires will be selected from the ARIAS•U.S. Certified Umpire List, unless the parties to the arbitration specifically request selection from the ARIAS•U.S. Certified Arbitrator List. The selection process starts with a random selection and a follows a series of steps. For more details about the process, click the Umpire Selection Procedure.

International Arbitration Form

The International Arbitration Form (“IAF”) gives parties negotiating an international insurance or reinsurance agreement the option to select both a neutral panel of arbitrators and a governing substantive law that differs from the laws of the parties’ respective jurisdictions.  The latter feature would give the parties the flexibility to select the best law for them and the best forum for the resolution of disputes.  In this way, the IAF functions much like “Bermuda Form” insurance contracts. For more details about the process, click the International Arbitration Form.