Code of Conduct – Canon VIII

Just Decisions:

Arbitrators should make decisions justly, exercising independent judgment and should not permit outside pressure to affect decisions.


1. When an arbitrator’s authority is derived from an agreement between the parties, arbitrators should neither exceed that authority nor do less than is required to exercise that authority completely.

2. Arbitrators should, after careful review, analysis and deliberation with the other members of the panel, fairly and justly decide all issues submitted for determination. Arbitrators should decide no other issues.

3. Arbitrators should not delegate the duty to decide to any other person. Arbitrators may, however, use a clerk or assistant to perform legal research or to assist in reviewing the record.

4. In the event that all parties agree upon a settlement of issues in dispute and request arbitrators to embody that agreement in an award, they may do so, but are not required to do so, unless satisfied with the propriety of the terms of settlement. Whenever arbitrators embody a settlement by the parties in an award, they should state in the award that it is based on an agreement of the parties.

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