For certified arbitrator status to be renewed, an arbitrator must be a current member of ARIAS•U.S. and satisfy the following additional requirements within the two years preceding the date of expiration. The renewal process is different and separate from meeting the certification requirements for the first time. You applied and were certified under the basic requirements. However, renewal takes place every two years from the end of the year of initial certification. See below for the renewal requirements.

Categories Requirements
Membership ARIAS·U.S. Member in good standing
Conference Requirement Attend at least one ARIAS·U.S. conference
Online Ethics Requirement Completion of an online Ethics Course
Educational Seminar Requirement Completion of an ARIAS•U.S. educational seminar, or three ARIAS•U.S. live webinars, or service as a faculty member at an ARIAS•U.S. conference, workshop, or training session.

To renew your Certified Neutral, Certified Umpire, or Qualified Mediator status, you must maintain the Certified Arbitrator status as described above.

Renewal FAQ’s

Q: When it is time for renewal of my certification, will I need to complete an application to show compliance with the ongoing requirements?
A: No. ARIAS•U.S. will keep track of your meeting attendance, faculty participation, and online ethics completion, although we suggest that you keep track as well. If, however, your participation as a faculty member was in a secondary role, such as a small group discussion leader or reporter, it does not apply. The year in which you are expected to renew, ARIAS•U.S. Staff will send you a list of remaining requirements. Upon expiration, if you have met the renewal requirements, your renewal certificate will be sent to you for the new certification period, based upon the ARIAS records.

Q: What happens if I am not renewed because I did not meet the requirements?
A: If you do not meet the renewal requirements by the time of your expiration, your certification will be suspended and your name and arbitrator profile removed from the list of ARIAS certified arbitrators.