David Thirkill

ARIAS•U.S. Certified Arbitrator & Umpire

David Thirkill spent over 45 years in the insurance and reinsurance business – concentrating in reinsurance markets underwriting (mainly property & casualty and finite reinsurance) in the London Market, Bermuda and the United States. Mr. Thirkill began his career in the London Market, firstly on a box at Lloyds and then in a professional reinsurance office based in London and Gibraltar (where he also became an officer and director of a locally based property and life insurer).

In 1979, he moved to Bermuda, where he managed and underwrote for captive organizations, returning to London as a reinsurance underwriter in 1981 before returning to Bermuda in 1985 as President and Chief Underwriter for a finite reinsurer. In 1990, Mr. Thirkill moved full time to the U.S., and provided various services to various entities, including a Florida based workers comp MGU, and then a team which formed two property insurers effectuating “take-outs” from the FRPCJUA. During 1999, he joined a leading run-off organization where he was mostly involved in significant reinsurance disputes, and was responsible for numerous large commutation transactions.

In 2005, Mr. Thirkill became a full-time arbitrator, and has been appointed in over 250 matters, as party-appointed or umpire, for insurers, ceding companies and reinsurers.  David has acted as an expert witness in disputes over finite contracts and has been a mediator on many matters. His appointments have included matters in the US, UK, Bermuda and have extended beyond reinsurance disputes into insurance and non-insurance subjects.

Session Information:

Thursday, November 5th | 12:35 – 1:25 PM

Managing the Consolidation of Arbitrations – Issues and Guidelines
decisions on arbitration consolidation and will then explore the issues involved for panels in reviewing requests for consolidation. The panel will propose a “tool kit” of guidelines for arbitrators and umpires to consider when reviewing such consolidation requests, and for managing the consolidated arbitration as it moves forward.
Moderator: Robert A. Whitney, Sulloway & Hollis PLLC
Panel: Susan E. Grondine-Dauwer, SEG-D Consulting LLC
Sylvia Kaminsky, ARIAS•U.S. Certified Arbitrator
David Thirkill, The Thirkill Group