Paul Dassenko

AzuRe Advisors, Inc.

Paul Dassenko is an internationally recognized leader in the field of insurance runoff, restructuring and reorganization.  He began his career as a Property-Casualty Commercial Lines Underwriter.  He has also been responsible for two start-ups in the insurance space, most recently Risk Transfer Underwriting, Inc. (“RTU”) in 2011.  RTU is a Managing General Agent serving the self-insured and captive market.  During the past 24 years of his insurance career, Paul has maintained an active calendar of arbitration appointments, having been appointed in over 250 arbitrations.  He is an ARIAS•U.S. Certified Arbitrator and Umpire, and is listed on the panel of ARIAS (UK) arbitrators. Paul’s arbitration experience in the “center chair” includes writing decisions in the UK, Bermuda, South America (in Spanish), and the US.  He has been appointed as an arbitrator in AAA, ICDR, JAMS, ICC International Court of Arbitration, LCIA, and DIPC-LCIA (Dubai) arbitrations. He’s been an active member of the State Bar of California since 1979.