Request for Proposals – Guidelines for Submission

Guidelines for Submission 

  • Proposals may be submitted for a targeted audience (i.e. Arbitrators/Umpires, Company Representatives, and Counsels).  
  • Presentations will be considered based on quality of topic, introduction of new and innovative concepts, importance of the subject-matter to insurance/reinsurance arbitration, and appeal to the target audience(s). 
  • The lead presenter organizes the presentation and is responsible for submitting the proposal application, organizing the group session, and moderating the discussion. 
  • This request for proposals is open to all ARIAS·U.S. members and non-members. Interested parties may submit more than one proposal.
  • ARIAS·U.S. may request a submission be revised to better fit the conference agenda or combined with another presentation where
  • Speakers accepted must agree to adhere to a timeline provided by ARIASU.S. to submit conference materials, including PowerPoint presentations, and supplementary materials in advance of the conference.  
  • Speakers are responsible for their own travel, hotel room, incidentals, and registration costs. 
  • Speakers are strongly encouraged to submit an article for the Quarterly Journal based on their presentation or related to the topic’s focus area.
  • Please email all completed applications to Jonathan Gilad at ARIAS·U.S. at by 5:00 p.m. ET on June 30, 2021.

Presentation Formats  

Submissions should be interactive, well organized, encourages audience engagementand provides actionable activities. Possible formats include: 

  • Industry Talks (2-4 Speakers • 60 mins) – An informal sixty-minute presentation highlighting key insights and industry trends influencing businessesand including an audience Q&A. 
  • Debates (2-4 Speakers • 60 mins) – A constructive moderated discussion between opposing viewpoints, followed by audience Q&A. 
  • General Conversations (2-4 Speakers • 60 mins) – A speaker(s) lead informal and open conversation with attendees around a particular topic.  
  • Case Studies (2-4 Speakers • 60 mins) – An opportunity for individuals or organizations to present their research and analyses of projects, policies, institutions, or other systems followed by an audience Q&A. 
  • Workshops (2-4 Speakers • 60 mins) – An in-depth, instructional program with hands-on learning and specific takeaways. 
  • ARI Talk (1 Speaker • 15 -18 mins) One main topic idea limited to 15-18 mins. Provide attendees with discussion topics for post-presentation.
  • Other Presentation Format – Do you have another idea to share? We encourage creativity, so share your ideas with us.  

Download the guidelines and submission form as a Fillable PDF or Word Document