Tech Tips

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Use the Preferred Internet Browsers

In order to have the best experience on the platform, it is highly recommended that you access using Chrome or Firefox.

Click here to download Google Chrome.

Click here to download Firefox.

Review Login Instructions

A majority of the sessions at the Fall Conference are being offered on the same platform that is used for all ARIAS·US Webinars. All conference sessions are available to view in your Online Classroom, so please visit the webpage in advance to ensure you have access.

To access the sessions, click here or follow these steps:

-Log into your account at
-Select My Classroom
-Click on the name of the session to access it.
-Select Launch Live Webinar
-Select Join Conference. You may encounter a pop-up that asks you to allow access to your microphone or speaker, select “allow.”
-NOTE: All Networking and breakout sessions will be on Zoom. Please make sure to accept the calendar invite in your email and mark your calendars to join each session promptly.
-NOTE: Once you are logged into your classroom, do not log out. All sessions will open in a new window — when that session is complete, simply close that window and open the next one.

For instructions with screenshots, please click here.

Forgot your password? Please click here to request a new password.

Technical Issues

In the case of any system-wide technical issues, we will send any follow up communications and instructions via email. Please be patient if there are any unexpected issues!

Technical Tips

For the best user experience, we recommend:

  • Before joining the event, be sure to close any extra programs to ensure a secure, quality internet connection. If possible, hardwire directly into your internet by using an ethernet.
  • Join your first session 15-20 minutes early to make sure you do not have any technical issues. If you are experiencing issues, you can contact the technology providers platform directly from the conference sessions or contact Michela Rynczak at
  • If you are using a VPN, be sure to log off during the event to prevent any problems between the programs.
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer to join in Google Chrome or Firefox. We do not recommend using internet explorer to access conference events.

Zoom Tips

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at

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