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Charles F. Barr

Certified Arbitrator


Personal Information

Address: 8 Tobins Court
Danbury, Ct 06810
United States
Cell: 203 733 8221
Email: charlesfbarr@gmail.com

Current Employment

Company: CBarrADR - Attorney, Arbitrator, Expert & Consultant
Position(s) and Responsibilities: General Counsel services; Policyholder Arbitrator & Reinsurance Arbitrator.
Phone: 203-733-8221
Fax: 203-917-4080
Email: cbarr8528@aol.com
Website: www.CBarrADR.com

Offering Services as Expert Witness in:

Casualty Underwriting, Excess of Loss Reinsurance Agreements, Facultative Certificates, Insurance Underwriting, Liability Underwriting, Pro Rata / Quota Share Reinsurance Agreements, Workers Comp Underwriting, Accident and Health Claims, Employment Claims, Insurance Claims, Reinsurance Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Captives, Coverage / Contract Interpretation, Derivative Contracts, Credit Default Contracts, Financial Guarantees, Finite / Financial Reinsurance / Alternative Risk, Fronting Arrangements, Life Reinsurance, Offshore / London Markets, Regulatory / Compliance, Reinsurance Contract Wording

Previous Employment

Company: International Marine & Specialty Insurer
Position(s) and Responsibilities: Interim General Counsel & Senior Legal Advisor.
Company: General Reinsurance Corp - EVP & General Counsel
Position(s) and Responsibilities: Also General Counsel of Derivatives dealer and New England Asset Management; reinsurance disputes; disengaged life reinsurance subsidiary from the Unicover Pool and as retrocessionaire; Second Circuit reversal of a mail fraud conviction of a subsidiary; acquired 2 reinsurers and an asset manager and formed Tempest Re.
Company: XL Capital Ltd. - EVP & General Counsel
Position(s) and Responsibilities: Global General Counsel; supervised global insurance, assumed reinsurance and retro collection disputes; developed hybrid reinsurance/derivatives contracts; supervised interaction with State Attorneys General, Insurance Departments, SEC and DOJ; managed multi-district litigations regarding PSAs and allegations of bid-rigging by co-defendants.
Company: Benfield - US - General Counsel
Position(s) and Responsibilities: General Counsel of US intermediary; drafted reinsurance contracts, ILWs and employment contracts.
Company: Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation
Position(s) and Responsibilities: SVP & General Counsel of single state WC writer functioning as the residual WC market; Underwriting Committee; Enterprise Risk Management Committee. Co-manager of Workers Compensation Underwriting.
Company: General Accident Insurance Company - General Counsel
Position(s) and Responsibilities: General Counsel; assumption-reinsured and novated 3 national insurers' NY business into 3 NY-only domestic insurers; withdrew from MA to end residual market charges. Managed Rate, Rule & Form Department.
Company: United Pacific Life Insurance Company/Reliance Life - SVP & General Counsel
Position(s) and Responsibilities: Executive officer and General Counsel of life/health/annuity insurer; assumption reinsured A&H portfolio to sell company; advised Investment Department on regulated investments.
Company: Aetna Life & Casualty
Position(s) and Responsibilities: Commercial casualty underwriter - WC, GL, AL, Umbrella. 4 Years.


Attorney: Yes
Education: Suffolk University Law School - Boston, Ma; Boston College - Chestnut Hill, Ma
Degrees: JD - Cum Laude; BA - Economics - Cum Laude;
Designations: Member of MA and CT Bar; CPCU; Assoc in Risk Mgt; Certified ARIAS-US Arbitrator

Work Experience

Insurance Company: 27 years

Underwriting Department: 3 years. Casualty Underwriter - Aetna L&C

Legal Department: 5 years. CU, Reliance Insurance.

Executive Officer (CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Actuary): 18 years. General Counsel (Reliance Life, Gen Acc, General Re, XL, Global Indemnity, LWCC, Houston International, Navigators)

Claim Department: 1 year. Manager - Houston International.

Reinsurance Company: 15 years

Legal Department: 5 years. General Re

Executive Officer (CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Actuary): 10 years. General Counsel (General Re, Cologne Life Re, XL Capital, Ariel Re)

Insurance-related Firms: 2 years

Broker: 2 years. Benfield - US, Legal - General Counsel

Independent/Other Relevant Experience: 3 years

Independent/Unaffiliated Arbitrator, Umpire and/or Mediator: 3 years. While an officer.

Breakdown of Experience

Contract Wording   20%
Life   10%
Commercial Liability   10%
Worker's Compensation   10%
Excess/Surplus Lines   6%
Financial Guarantee   5%
Finite   5%
Captives/Risk Retention Groups   5%
MGA/MGU   5%
Automotive Liability/Property   4%
Accident & Health   4%
Alternative/Self-Insurance/Risk Management   3%
Catastrophes (Property)   3%
Commutations   3%
Personal Lines   3%
Regulatory/Licensing   3%

By Market

U.S. Market: 75%

U.K. Market: 10%

Bermuda/Off-shore Market: 15%

Insurance vs. Reinsurance: 60/40%
Treaty vs. Facultative Reinsurance: 90/10%
Former Insurance or Reinsurance Company Officer
Former Insurance or Reinsurance Company Director

ARIAS Experience

Workshops, as Trainee: 1; September 2006

Ethics Training, as Trainee: 1; March 2010

Arbitration Experience

Number of Arbitrations

As an Arbitrator: 19
As Employee Manager: 3
As Corporate Representative: 3

Arbitrator Experience

Number of Arbitrations

11 Appointed as an arbitrator.
6 Acted as an arbitrator through the organizational meeting or the arbitration has only reached this stage and the resolution of significant pre-hearing motions.
1 Acted as an arbitrator through an evidentiary hearing of at least one full day and less than three full days regarding the substantive merits of the parties' dispute.
1 Acted as an arbitrator through to final award after completion of an evidentiary hearing of at least three full days regarding the substantive merits of the parties' dispute.

Employee Manager Experience

Number of Arbitrations

3 Employee Manager of arbitration through pre-hearing briefs.

Company Representative Experience

Number of Arbitrations

3 Company Representative in arbitration through evidentiary hearing of at least three full days regarding the substantive merits of the parties' dispute.


Charley Barr is an attorney, underwriter, expert and consultant with over 35 years of in-house experience - 25 at the General Counsel C-Suite level - at P/C, Life and Financial Guaranty re/insurers, an intermediary and a derivatives dealer.

Mr. Barr worked over 20 years at insurers (General Accident, Reliance, CU, Reliance Life, LWCC), over 15 years at reinsurers (General Re, XL Capital, Ariel Re, Cologne Life Re) and 2 years as General Counsel of Benfield-US. He was a commercial casualty underwriter for Aetna L&C, is a CPCU and is a member of the bar in CT and MA.

While General Counsel of General Re he supervised multi-million dollar assumed reinsurance disputes and retro collections. He handled the acquisition of Cologne Re, National Re, and New England Asset Management and formed/capitalized Tempest Re. He formed and tax-planned General Re Financial Products, a global derivatives dealer. He supervised 25 lawyers providing global advice to P/C and life re/insurers and operating advice for derivatives and asset managers. He managed the 1997 Second Circuit reversal of a mail fraud conviction of a subsidiary. He extricated Cologne Life Re from the Unicover Pool and as its retrocessionaire of WC carve-out.

At XL Capital he supervised global disputes with policyholders and cedents and collections of both risk and finite reinsurance. He restructured the US inter-company reinsurance pool and its cession to Bermuda affiliates, oversaw global tax planning and developed hybrid reinsurance/derivative contracts. He managed the interaction with the NY Attorney General’s inquiry into PSAs and allegations of bid-rigging and the SEC and DOJ inquiries into Offshore Reinsurance, Finite Re and Municipal GICs.

He drafted policy language for E&S and specialty insurers and reinsurance terms and conditions for Benfield and reinsurers, including risk and finite treaties and ILWs. He has managed issues with MGA/MGUs and books of business and has drafted employment contracts and restrictive covenants.

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