Jonathan Bank
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    10776 Wilshire Blvd #502
    Los Angeles, California 90024
    United States
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    +1 213 400 6400
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    Graduated Creighton School of Law and admitted to the CA Bar in 1969 and the NY Bar in 1980. I have a wide range of reinsurance/insurance experience. and in the 1980-90s published extensively in trade magazines. I am very familiar with the custom and practice of the industry. I have been General Counsel of both insurance and reinsurance companies and have extensive experience as in-house and outside counsel over my 50 year career.
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    ARIAS Certified Umpire
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    Upon request
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Work Experience
Current director of an insurance or reinsurance company: No
Former director of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes
Current officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: No
Former officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes

Insurance Company: See above
Insurance Company: Legal Department

Reinsurance Company: See above
Reinsurance Department: Reinsurance Department, Legal Department

Insurance - related firms: See above

Law Firm (insurance/reinsurance practice): See above
Law Firm Experience: Counsel, Partner

Independent/Other Relevant Experience: See above
Other Work Experience: Consultant

Breakdown of Experience
Accident & Health: 10%
Alternative/ Self Insurance/ Risk Management: 10%
Architects & Engineers: 0%
Asbestos: 10%
Automobile Liability/Property: 10%
Aviation: 0%
Bad Faith/Eco: 25%
Captives/Risk Retention Groups: 15%
Catastrophes (Casualty): 0%
Catastrophes (Property): 0%
Commercial Liability: 10%
Commercial Property: 15%
Commutations: 25%
Construction Defects: 0%
Contract Wording: 10%
Directors & Officers: 0%
Disability: 5%
Employment Practices Liability: 5%
Energy: 0%
Environmental/Pollution: 25%
Excess/Surplus Lines: 20%
Fidelity &, Surety: 0%
Financial Guarantee: 10%
Finite: 5%
Healthcare: 5%
Insolvencies: 40%
Intellectual Property: 0%
International: 30%
Libel/Slander/Media Liability: 0%
Life: 15%
Lloyd's: 30%
London Company Market: 25%
Long Term Disability: 0%
MGA/MGU: 35%
Ocean Marine: 0%
Personal Lines: 10%
Political Risk : 0%
Product Liability: 0%
Product/Consumer Warranties: 0%
Professional Liability/Errors &, Omissions: 15%
Regulatory/Licensing: 20%
Third Party Administrator: 35%
Toxic Tort: 25%
Workers' Compensation: 10%
By Market
Bermuda/Off- Shore Market: 1-25%
U.K. Market: 25-50%
U.S. Market: 50-75%
Mediation Experience
Minimum Number of Mediations as Counsel: 3
Minimum Number of Mediations as Mediator: 2
ARIAS Experience
ARIAS Conference Faculty: Yes
Ethics Training, as Faculty: No
Ethics Training, as Trainee: No
Other Approved Training: No
Workshops, As Faculty: Yes
Workshops, as Trainee: No
Arbitration Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Arbitrator: 18+
Number of Appointments as Arbitrator: 18
Completed Arbitrations as Arbitrator: 10
Number of Arbitrations as Outside Counsel: 40+
Arbitration Experience: As Corporate Representative: Yes
Arbitration Experience: As Employee Manager: No
Umpire Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Umpire: 10
Number of Appointments as Umpire: 10
Completed Arbitrations as Umpire: 6
My practice began in 1969 as in-house counsel at Teledyne Inc, which acquired Argonaut Insurance Company, UNICOA (United Life) and Trinity Insurance Company (among others). I spent a combined 7 years workin on reinsurance/insurance issues related to those companies and was GC of Argonaut. In 1976 I joined a California law firm and created an insurance/reinsurance practice, one of the very few firms at the time to specialize in reinsurance issues. I have been on 3 board of directors, including the NY Stock Exchange Company, Platinum Reinsurance.I have been admitted to the state bars of both NY, NE and CA. I have represented both insurers, reinsurers and MGA/TPA's. and spent the better part of 3 years in London with PwC and CX Reinsurance Company involved in 'legacy' run-off business. My involvement in reinsurance arbitrations predated ARIAS by many years, but. since my affiliation with ARIAS I have acted as an arbitrator 16 times, an Umpire 9 time, and counsel numerous times. I accept Umpire engagements. Over my 50+ years of practice within the insurance/reinsurance industry, I have become extremely familiar with its 'custom and practice'.