John R. Cashin
Personal Information
  • Address:
    122 Cedar Bluff Road
    County Route 71
    Stillwater, NEW YORK 12170 United States
  • Cell:
    518 222 9209
  • Email:
  • Attorney:
  • Education:
    BBA, St. Francis College; MBA, City University of New York; JD,Fordham Law School; LLM(International Law), NYU; Admitted NY State Bar 1977; Federal District Court Southern and Eastern Districts 1978; Second Circuit Court of Appeals 1978; US Court of International Trade 1991; United States Supreme Court 1991.
  • Other Information:
    As a reinsurance broker, I placed property, casualty, retrocession and aviation treaties for a variety of ceding companies and reinsurers. I have appeared as a fact witness on behalf of reinsurance clients and assisted in the resolution of complex claims matters. As an attorney in public service, I have conducted numerous hearings and disciplinary sessions and structured the loss portfolio and run-off of a major medical malpractice carrier. In private practice, I have appeared as an expert witness in Federal District litigation and NASD arbitration and advise clients principally on regulatory matters. As General Counsel for reinsurance operations at Zurich I was responsible for all reinsurance contract wordings, commutations, run-off, arbitrations, litigation and regulatory issues involving reinsurance. I served as the General counsel and compliance officer for the Middle East and Africa. Previously, I was the Group's Chief Compliance Officer. My final position with Zurich was as the General Counsel for the global general insurance business. This is Zurich's largest business segment with annual written premiums of over $36 billion and approximately 50,000 employees.
Work Experience
  • Insurance Company: 10 years.
    Legal Department: 6 years. General Counsel Group Reinsurance, General Counsel International Business, Group Chief Compliance Officer
    Ceded Reinsurance Department: 2 years.
    Assumed Reinsurance Department: 2 years.
  • Law Firm (Insurance/Reinsurance Practice): 3 years.
    Counsel: 3 years. Stroock & Stroock & Lavan
  • Insurance-related Firms: 20 years.
    Broker: 7 years. Executive Vice President , Willis Re
    Broker: 4 years. Senior Vice President , Madison Reinsurance
    Broker: 2 years. Vice President , Sedgewick Reinsurance
    Broker: 7 years. Vice President , Guy Carpenter
  • Independent/Other Relevant Experience: 2 years.
    Other : 2 years. Deputy Superintendent NY State Insurance Department
Breakdown of Experience
  • Contract Wording
  • Catastrophes (Property)
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Commercial Liability
  • Life
  • Commercial Property
  • Personal Lines
  • Ocean Marine
  • Energy
  • Political Risk
  • Accident & Health
  • Aviation
By Market
  • U.S. Market:
  • U.K. Market:
  • Bermuda/Off-shore Market:
  • European Market:
  • Global Market:

Insurance vs. Reinsurance: 40/60%
Treaty vs. Facultative Reinsurance: 90/10%

ARIAS Experience

Workshops, as Trainee: 1; January 2003

Ethics Training, as Trainee: 1; June 2010

Arbitration Experience

Number of Arbitrations

As an Arbitrator: 2

As an Umpire: 2

As Employee Manager: 6

Arbitrator Experience
Number of Arbitrations
Acted as an arbitrator through the organizational meeting or the arbitration has only reached this stage.
Umpire Experience
Number of Arbitrations
Acted as an umpire through the organizational meeting or the arbitration has only reached this stage.
Acted as an umpire through to final award after completion of an evidentiary hearing of at least one full day and less than three full days regarding the substantive merits of the parties' dispute.
Employee Manager Experience
Number of Arbitrations
Employee Manager of arbitration.
Employee Manager of arbitration through pre-hearing briefs.
Employee Manager of arbitration through evidentiary hearing of at least three full day regarding the substantive merits of the parties' dispute.

John R. Cashin is retired general counsel for the general insurance business of Zurich Insurance Group. The general insurance business segment is the largest portion of Zurich's operations with over $36 billion in written premiums and over 50,000 employees operating in 200 countries. Prior to that role he was the General Counsel and Head of Compliance and Government Affairs for the Group’s Life and General Insurance operations in the Middle East and Africa. He was based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Prior to that assignment he served as the Chief Compliance Officer of Zurich Financial Services, Zurich, Switzerland. In that role he was responsible for oversight and compliance direction for the Group’s operations in over 170 jurisdictions. He joined Zurich in January 2004 from the Insurance Regulatory Practice Group at the law firm of Stroock & Stroock & Lavin in New York City. Prior to his law firm practice he served as Deputy Superintendent of the New York State Insurance Department where he was responsible for the Property/Casualty Bureau. Prior to his Insurance Department experience he spent twenty years in the reinsurance business with the major reinsurance intermediaries in the United States.

In addition to his arbitration practice, Mr. Cashin serves in the capacity of an administrative law judge (Inquiry Panel Member) for the Central Bank of Ireland where I adjudicate cases brought by the Bank against individuals and institutions based on alleged violations of the financial services laws of Ireland.

Mr. Cashin is a frequent contributor to insurance industry publications and has authored a quarterly Underwriting Insight column for Best's Review. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Development Corporation and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Operating Corporation. He is a member of the bars for New York State and US Federal District Courts, the US Court for International Trade and the United States Supreme Court. He is a graduate of St. Francis College and received his MBA degree from the City University of New York. He holds a law degree from Fordham University and a LLM Degree in International Law from New York University Graduate School of Law.