Jeremy Starr
Current Employment
  • Company:
    Jeremy Starr Consulting, LLC
  • Position(s) and Responsibilities:

    The firm handles most aspects of life reinsurance. For example, working with a client to formulate a customized risk mitigation strategy, and then help to place the coverage. Advising clients on various aspects of reinsurance regulatory compliance,including the regulations that have just passed at the NAIC level. Jeremy also does expert witness and arbitration assignments. Having been the division head for a mergers and acquisition business, Jeremy also advises clients on how to best formulate their bid for target business.

  • Address:
    382 Central Park West - Suite 10W
    New York, NEW YORK 10025
  • Phone:
    917 597 3981
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Offering Services as Expert Witness in:
Accounting, Actuarial, Captives, Finite / Financial Reinsurance / Alternative Risk, Life Reinsurance, Regulatory / Compliance, Surplus Relief Contracts
Previous Employment
  • Company:
    General Reinsurance Life Corporation
  • Position(s) and Responsibilities:

    At Gen Re Jeremy held the position of Vice President, Client Solutions. In this role he probed clients for what was preventing them from meeting their goals and then create a reinsurance product to meet those needs.

  • Attorney:
  • Education:
    Binghamton University, BA in Physics and Math
  • Designations:
Work Experience
  • Insurance Company: 20 years.
    Assumed Reinsurance Department: 20 years. Lead admin re division for 14 years, other years did financial reinsurance
  • Reinsurance Company: 18 years.
    Executive Officer (CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Actuary): 2 years.
    Actuarial Department: 16 years.
  • Insurance-related Firms: 1 years.
    Consultant: 1 years. President
Breakdown of Experience
  • Life
By Market
  • U.S. Market:
  • U.K. Market:

Insurance vs. Reinsurance: 0/100%
Treaty vs. Facultative Reinsurance: 98/2%


Jeremy Starr, President of Jeremy Starr Consulting LLC, specializes in life reinsurance issues including: arbitrator, expert witness, regulatory consulting, increase effectiveness of ceded reinsurance, structuring XXX and AXXX solutions, due diligence for mergers and acquisition or initial investment by hedge funds, assure new reinsurance proposals comply with regulations, and is a reinsurance intermediary. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Mr. Starr has over 38 years of experience working for both life reinsurers and a direct writer. During his career he has been a key participant in lobbying on industry regulatory and accounting issues. As chair of the ACLI Reinsurance Accounting Subcommittee, he helped devise a portion of the new IASB reinsurance accounting rules. He has testified both before panels at NAIC meetings and as reinsurance industry representative before the IASB board. As chair of the ACLI Reinsurance Committee, he was the life reinsurance industry lead lobbyist on many issues including what is now the APPM Appendix A791. Mr. Starr’s testimony in the only IRS Section 845 reinsurance court case was instrumental in a favorable ruling for the reinsurer.

In addition to his lobbying activities, he has been an active participant in many aspects of XXX and AXXX solutions. Mr. Starr’s participation has ranged from program creation, reviewed, and approved within the timeframes set by the cedent. Mr. Starr created and led an acquisition department where companies and closed blocks of business were purchased, ran the reinsurance ceded business of a direct writer and led a financially motivate reinsurance department. At various points in his career he has been a reinsurance pricing actuary, chief actuary, department head and an MD at an investment bank.

Mr. Starr graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in physics and math.