Alysa Wakin


Alysa Wakin is Vice President and Claims Counsel for Odyssey Reinsurance Company where she manages the litigation and arbitration of disputes on behalf of that company and its subsidiaries.  Prior to joining Odyssey Re, Ms. Wakin was a litigator with the firm of Wiley Rein & Fielding where she represented insurers and reinsurers in complex litigation and arbitration matters and provided advice and counsel on a wide range of insurance and reinsurance topics.  Ms. Wakin first entered the world of reinsurance arbitrations in 1995 as an associate with the firm of Werner & Kennedy.  Ms. Wakin previously served on the ARIAS·U.S. Education Committee and currently serves on the Strategic Planning Committee.



Session Information:

Friday, May 7th | 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Ethics Session | Fun With Ethics!
From the confines of our home offices, the Ethics Committee has been hard at work devising a session that we promise will be entertaining,
make you smile, and teach you something about ethics in the process. This session will follow a game-type format, will test your knowledge of the Canons, and will provide an opportunity for networking. Also, there will be prizes.
Presenters: Alysa Wakin, Odyssey Reinsurance Company
Beth Levene, Transatlantic Re
… and a Cast of Characters!