The Qualified Mediator Program

The Qualified Mediator Program Criteria for Qualification

Criteria for a mediator to be qualified by ARIAS•U.S. are as follows:

Categories Eligibility Requirements
Membership ARIAS·U.S. Member in good standing
Prior Qualification ARIAS·U.S. Certified Arbitrator
Training Experience Training/experience as follows:
Option A Successful completion of a mediation training program that requires a minimum of 35 hours of instruction and is otherwise satisfactory to the Board of ARIAS•U.S or its designee; or
Option B Other specialized experience in consensual dispute resolution that is satisfactory to the Board of ARIAS or its designee as being equivalent to Option A. above.

Download and Complete an Application:

To apply for qualification, a candidate should complete the ARIAS·U.S. Application for Qualification as Mediator and email it to  along with a certificate or other details that show the nature and length of the course. Applications will be presented to the Board of Directors at their regularly scheduled meetings.

Promulgation of Mediator List

As they are approved, “ARIAS•U.S. Qualified Mediators” are listed on a separate page of this website. That page is linked from here. This website list links to their profiles in the same way that the Certified Arbitrator and Umpire Lists are linked. In addition, when a mediator is qualified, he/she will be announced in the ARIAS•U.S. Quarterly. The listing of ARIAS•U.S. Qualified Mediators is a service to ARIAS members, and does not constitute any representation with respect to any such Mediator.

Searching for Mediators with Specific Experience Characteristics

It should be noted that ARIAS Certified Arbitrators who are qualified as mediators by ARIAS, may also be found through the Arbitrator, Umpire, and Mediator Search system here on the website, which enables adding other experience dimensions to the search process.