Arbitrator Services Committee

The purpose of the Arbitrator Services Committee is to facilitate the engagement of current members within the organization and to propose to the Board/Strategic Planning Committee events aimed at potential membership expansion, educational, and networking opportunities.

Time frame/Term of Office: November to November, no term limits currently.

Committee Structure: Open invitation. No limit on number of members, no formal terms.

Meeting Occurrence/Frequency:  At least 6 times a year via conference call or in person

How to serve on this committee: If you are interested in serving on this committee, opportunities to participate will open up for the November 2020 cycle.

Committee Members

Peter Gentile – Co-Chair and Board Liaison
Sylvia Kaminsky – Co-Chair and Board Liaison
Marc Abrams – Co-Chair and Board Liaison
Aaron Atwen
Jonathan Bank
Katherine Billingham
David Bowers
John Chaplin
John Cole
Suzanne Fetter
James Fitzgerald
Kim Hogrefe
David Ichel
James Jorden
Mitchell Lathrop
Lori Lovgren
Andrew Maneval
Judith Meyer
Fred Pinckney
Carlos Romero
Edward Zulkey


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