Arbitrator Committee

The purpose of the Arbitrator Committee is to promote discussion on issues that are important to the arbitrator community, as such, within the ARIAS•U.S. community.  This constituency often has discrete (and sometimes diverse) views on issues such as educational content, ethical stewardship, certification, membership outreach, how to run an arbitral business, and the forms used to provide umpire disclosure.

Time frame/Term of Office: The committee is made up of 12 ARIAS•U.S. members and has staggered, two year terms from November to November .

Meeting Occurrence/Frequency:  At least 6 times a year via conference call or in person

How to serve on this committee: If you are interested in serving on this committee, opportunities to participate will open up for the November 2019 cycle. 

Committee Members
Scott Birrell – Co-Chair & Board Liaison
Peter Gentile – Co-Chair
Jonathan Bank
Katherine Billingham
David Bowers
John Cashin
John Chaplin
Perry Granof
Carl Harris
Kim Hogrefe
Paul Huck
David Ichel
Miguel Roure Lopez
Andrew Maneval
Fred Pinckney
Carlos Romero
Jonathan Rosen
Edward Zulkey








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