Donald DeCarlo
Personal Information
  • Address:
    61-43 186th St
    Fresh Meadows, New York 11365
    United States
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  • Attorney:
  • Degrees:
    JD @ St. John's Law School
  • Offering Services as Expert Witness in:
    WC related issues based on books, teaching at St. John's and 40 year career mutiple worker comp issues
  • Certified Arbitrator:
Work Experience
Current director of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes
Former director of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes
Current officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes
Former officer of an insurance or reinsurance company: Yes

Insurance Company: GC Travelers, American Home (Attorney), Gulf and GEICO - claims underwriter and regulaatory/compliancee
Insurance Company: Legal Department

Insurance - related firms: Lord Bissell and Brook partner

Law Firm (insurance/reinsurance practice): Lord Bissell and Brook partner
Law Firm Experience: Partner

Independent/Other Relevant Experience: Current solo practice
Other Work Experience: Consultant, Independent/Unaffiliated Arbitrator, Umpire and/or Mediator

Breakdown of Experience
Automobile Liability/Property: Legal/Claims Adminstrative for insurnace companies. Travelers Gulf Ins. Co. GEICO AIG
Bad Faith/Eco: Lawyer in law firm and GC of several insurance companies
Catastrophes (Casualty): Insurance company GC experience
Commercial Liability: Yes as General Counsel - Travelers and Gulf Insurnace Co Boards AFSI and GNY
Commercial Property: Lawyer/Partner representing and as GC insurance companies. Insurance Co and Law firm partner experience
Contract Wording: Yes - drafted the following 1984 W.C. and E.E. Policy Managing MGA / TPA contracts
Directors & Officers: Currenting a Director and previous officer of many insurance companies. Law firm review of D & O policies and realted arbitrations,
Life: General Counsel Life Co at Travelers and AIG
Lloyd's: As GC of insurance companies placed business with Lloyds; and law firm partner dealing with Lloyd's claims
MGA/MGU: Negotiated contract and monitored MGA/MGU for carries
Personal Lines: Regional manager for GEICO for 9 years
Professional Liability/Errors &, Omissions: Lawyer and Insurnace Co executive dealing with this line of business and severed NYS Bar Insurance Committee
Regulatory/Licensing: Law firm - Lord Bissell and companies Travelers, Gulf and AIG
Third Party Administrator: Oversight for insurane company
Workers' Compensation: Expert - 14 years as GC of NCCI, 4 boards, teacher WC at St. Johns. Started a WC certification organization for WC; Chair ABA WC Committe, numerous articles, speeches and awards in WC.
ARIAS Experience
ARIAS Conference Faculty: no
Ethics Training, as Faculty: yes
Other Approved Training: no
Workshops, as Trainee: No
ARIAS Training Committee: 24
Arbitration Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Arbitrator: 110
Number of Appointments as Arbitrator: 110
Completed Arbitrations as Arbitrator: 105
Arbitration Experience: As Corporate Representative: no
Arbitration Experience: As Employee Manager: no
Umpire Experience
Number of Arbitrations as an Umpire: 53
Number of Appointments as Umpire: 53
Completed Arbitrations as Umpire: 48