Code of Conduct – Canon VII

Advancing the Arbitral Process:

Arbitrators shall exert every reasonable effort to expedite the process and to promptly issue procedural communications, interim rulings, and written awards.


1. When the agreement of the parties sets forth procedures to be followed in conducting the arbitration or refers to rules to be followed, it is the obligation of the arbitrators to comply with such procedures or rules unless the parties agree otherwise.

2. Individuals should only accept arbitration appointments if they are prepared to commit the time necessary to conduct the arbitration process promptly.

3. Arbitrators should make all reasonable efforts to prevent delaying tactics, harassment of parties or other participants, or other abuse or disruption of the arbitration process.

4. Arbitrators should be patient and courteous to the parties, to their lawyers and to the witnesses, and should encourage (and, if necessary, order) similar conduct of all participants in the proceedings.

5. Arbitrators may question fact witnesses or experts during the hearing for explanation and clarification to help them understand and assess the testimony; however, arbitrators should refrain from assuming an advocacy role and should avoid interrupting counsel’s examination unless clarification is essential at the time.

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