Rules Relating to Three-Member Panel of Newer Arbitrators

The following rules are from the Procedures for the Resolution of U.S. Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes, Regular Panel Version, April 2004. They are shown here separately for their applicability to the ARIAS Newer Arbitrator Program.

6.1 The Panel shall consist of three Disinterested arbitrators, one to be appointed by the Petitioner, one to be appointed by the Respondent and the third to be appointed by the two Party-appointed arbitrators. The third arbitrator shall serve as the umpire, who shall be Neutral.

Alternative 6.2: The arbitrators and umpire shall be persons who are current or former officers or executives of an insurer or reinsurer or other professionals with no less than ten years of experience in or serving the insurance or reinsurance industry.

6.3 Within thirty (30) days following the commencement of arbitration proceedings, each Party shall provide the other Party with the identification of its Party-appointed arbitrator, his or her address (including telephone, fax and e-mail information), and provide a copy of the arbitrator’s curriculum vitae.

6.4 In the event that either Party fails to appoint an arbitrator within 30 days of commencement of the arbitration, the non-defaulting Party will appoint an arbitrator to act as the Party-appointed arbitrator for the defaulting Party.

The complete Procedures document is available available here.