Education Committee

The purpose of the education committee is develop educational programs for arbitrators, counsel and company representatives with particular emphasis on providing programs for arbitrators to meet certification requirements; Obtain speakers and materials for programs.

Time frame/Term of Office: November to November, no term limits currently.

Committee Structure: Open Invitation, active participation as defined by Committee Co-Chairs is required for all committee members. No term limits.

Meeting Occurrence/Frequency:  Every other month or as needed.

How to serve on this committee: If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact the committee co-chairs.

Committee Co-Chairs
Marc Abrams
Amy Kallal
Bill O’Neill

Committee Members
David Attisani
Paul Braithwaite
Huhnsik Chung
Harry Cohen
Thomas Conroy
Tim Curley
Jane Downey
Randi Ellias
James Fitzgerald
Justin Fortescue
Patricia Fox
Judy Harnadek
James Hughes
Deirdre Johnson
James Jorden
Lisa Keenan
Seema Misra
Roger Moak
Connie O’Mara
Eridania Perez
Andrew Poplinger
Debra Roberts
Jamie Scrimgeour
Peter Steffen
Aaron Stern
Michelle Hayes



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