Law Committee

The purpose of the Law Committee is to monitor and provide objectively drafted summaries of developments in the law for ARIAS•U.S., primarily by providing monthly case summaries for use in the ARIAS•U.S. Quarterly, website, etc. The committee does not provide legal advice but will report on key insurance, reinsurance and arbitration matters.

Time frame/Term of Office: November to November, no term limits currently.

Committee Structure: Open Invitation, active participation as defined by Committee Co-Chairs is required for all committee members. No term limits.

Meeting Occurrence/Frequency:  Quarterly or as needed.

How to serve on this committee: If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact the committee co-chairs.

Committee Members
Sylvia Kaminsky – Co-Chair and Board Liaison
Sarah Gordon – Co-Chair and Board Liaison
Martha Conlin
Robert DiUbaldo
Suzanne Fetter
Brian Frankl
Susannah Geltman
Ann Halden
Michele Jacobson
Amy Kline
Elizabeth Kniffen
Charles Leasure
Erika Lopes-McLeman
Cia Moss
Nicholas Rosinia
Polly Schiavone
Richard Spenner
Isabella Stankowski Booker
Tom Stillman

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