Technology Committee

The purpose of the Technology Committee is to provide technology information to members, develop and present programming at ARIAS•U.S. meetings on technology for arbitrators and other technology useful to arbitrations, and assist with website and social media efforts.

Committee Structure:  Open invitation. No limit on number of members, no formal terms.

Meeting Occurrence/Frequency: On an ad hoc/as needed basis.

How to serve on this committee: If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact the committee co-chairs.

Committee Co-Chair
Frank DeMento
Michael Kurtis

Committee Members

Nasri Barakat
Tim Curley
Alyssa Gregory
Barry Weissman
Jonathan Kline
Elizabeth V. Kniffen
Michael Kuehn
John LaBarbera
Beth Levene
Michael Menapace
Seema Misra
Paul O’Brien
Larry Schiffer

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